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Bring WhatsApp to Zendesk with OmniWapp: Seamless Communication with Gupshup Reliability!

OmniWise Apps For Zendesk

About OmniWapp App

Is Whatsapp restricted in your country? Do you use Whatsapp via on-prem?
No problem! Our new OmniWapp application enables you to operate the Whatsapp channel in Zendesk with Gupshup infrastructure.
OmniWapp will require you to have a Zendesk Suite Professional or Enterprise plan. If you would like to learn more about upgrading to Zendesk Suite Professional or Enterprise, please contact your Zendesk representative who will be really glad to help.

OmniWise Apps For Zendesk

Boost Customer Support with OmniWapp for Zendesk

Easy setup and user friendly design will make your Customers & Agents happy. If you want your agents to reach your customers via WhatsApp directly by just clicking a few buttons, don't hesitate to read the rest!

  • Integrates seamlessly with Zendesk & Sunshine Platform.
  • Send templates instantly..
  • Sends bulk notifications using .csv files.
  • Solves the Facebook 24h response limit issue.
  • Solves the creation of different tickets for sending / receiving Whatsapp proactive messages.
  • Support template messages in multiple languages
  • No Need for Facebook Authentication to create Templates
  • Support Zendesk Placeholders usage in Whatsapp Templates

What do you need to use this Application?

  • Admin access to Zendesk Support (Preferably Owner Account To Authorize)
  • Zendesk Chat & Messaging enabled
  • Zendesk API OAuth Client Creation

OmniWise Apps For Zendesk
OmniWise Apps For Zendesk

What You Will Love About OmniSun!

  • Send Template / Receive response on the same ticket
  • You don’t have to insert the phone number by yourself! On the User/Ticket Side App, the phone number of the user will be automatically gathered!
  • Any Ticket can be your starting point to send Template messages! You may use custom fields of tickets from any channel as Template parameters and start a new whatsapp conversation with the template!
  • On the User tab, you will have the chance to fill Template parameters on your own with free text!

OmniWapp Also Makes You!

  • Overcome the 24h response limit from Facebook and re-open communication via Templates
  • Send notifications with videos, documents, and images*.
  • Send template WhatsApp notification messages to new or existing conversations.
  • Send proactive WhatsApp Template Messages to customers without an open WhatsApp ticket and track them
  • Send GDPR Compliance to your customers with just one template.
  • Send bulk proactive messages for your Campaigns and Announcements
  • Send more than “ONE” Autoresponder message customized by templates in 24H via triggers
  • Create Autoresponder messages via Triggers for each customer segment/ according to working hours in your Zendesk Setup or both.
  • Manage (create,edit,update, delete) WhatsApp Template Messages via Templates Tab on the application screen on your Facebook Account
  • Allow agents to preview the WhatsApp template before sending
  • View sent template message(s) in the agent conversation thread with the customer
  • Support for multiple language Template Messages
  • Add a bunch of tags to cover Reporting Needs
  • Send mass WhatsApp Messages for recipients.
  • Leverage triggers and automations to send WhatsApp notifications for your workflows.

OmniWise Apps For Zendesk
OmniWise Apps For Zendesk

Track your conversations

  • Monitor your messaging activity in real time using Zendesk Support Views and Zendesk Explore Reports.
  • Get notified if a notification cannot be delivered.