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NotiCast: Fast, reliable information sharing for your support team. Critical updates instantly at your fingertips!

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About NotiCast App

Noticast is the ultimate solution for seamless communication.designed to streamline information sharing across your support team. Whether it's urgent escalations, crucial updates, or simply a heads-up on important matters, Noticast ensures that agents will receive the information they need promptly and efficiently.

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Popup Notifications

Popup Notifications are designed to grab agents' attention by displaying prominent modal windows in the center of their screens. This strategic placement ensures that urgent updates are noticed immediately and cannot be overlooked. By interrupting the current workflow with a clear and unavoidable message, Popup Notifications guarantee that critical information is communicated effectively and promptly, ensuring swift action and response from the support team.

Offline Message Retrieval

Offline Message Retrieval ensures that when agents log in, they receive a comprehensive and rich popup containing all the messages sent while they were offline. This feature allows them to catch up on important information they might have missed during their absence. By providing a detailed and organized summary of these messages, Offline Message Retrieval helps agents stay informed and up-to-date, ensuring they can quickly get back on track with their tasks and responsibilities. This feature is crucial for maintaining seamless communication and operational efficiency within the support team, even when agents are not continuously online.

OmniWise Apps For Zendesk
OmniWise Apps For Zendesk

Comprehensive Notification Log

The Comprehensive Notification Log feature stores a detailed log of all sent notifications, providing agents with the ability to gain specific insights into the communication history. This feature enables agents to review past notifications, ensuring they have a complete understanding of all communicated updates and messages. Additionally, the log can be easily downloaded as a CSV file, allowing for straightforward analysis and reporting. This functionality is particularly useful for tracking trends, identifying patterns, and generating reports to improve overall communication efficiency and effectiveness within the support team. By offering a thorough and accessible record of notifications, the Comprehensive Notification Log enhances transparency and accountability in information sharing.

Message Pinning

The Message Pinning feature allows important messages to be pinned at the top of agents' message lists for set durations, ensuring critical information remains visible and prioritized until it expires. This keeps essential updates and instructions easily accessible, preventing them from being overlooked. By maintaining focus on key messages, agents can prioritize tasks effectively and ensure prompt action. This feature is especially useful for time-sensitive notifications and important announcements, enhancing communication efficiency within the support team.

OmniWise Apps For Zendesk
OmniWise Apps For Zendesk

Administrative Controls

The Administrative Controls feature allows you to maintain strict control over agent access and permissions through a user-friendly admin panel. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information and perform specific tasks, thereby enhancing both compliance and security. By managing permissions centrally, you can easily monitor and adjust access levels to meet organizational policies and regulatory requirements. This feature is essential for safeguarding data, maintaining operational integrity, and ensuring that your support team operates within the established security protocols. With robust administrative controls in place, you can confidently manage your team's access and permissions, providing a secure and compliant working environment.